Most Important topics of Pakistan Affairs

Most Important topics of Pakistan Affairs

Most Important topics of Pakistan Affairs

In both the CSS and PMS Exams, the fourth required paper is on Pakistan Affairs. It formerly covered the circumstances and situations of Pakistan’s pre-and post-partition. However, Post Partition is currently the main focus of the CSS curriculum. Therefore, the following list of key and significant Pakistani Affairs CSS subjects includes photos, significant quotes, and past articles.

List of Most Important topics of Pakistan Affairs in CSS

Foreign policy
Sir syed Ahmad
Pakistan Ideology
Pak.separate homeland
Politics ( before and after freedom)
 Geography of pakistan
Source of pakistan
Allama iqbal
Agriculcure sector
Aligarh movement
Pakistan Army
Kashmir problem
India-pak Relation
Pak- Afghan Relation and condition
Shah wali ullah
Islamic states (decay and unity)
Islamic socity and rules problem
Sevil Service
Muslim League
Dioband School
Sheikh Ahmad
Khilafat Movement
Nero report
Role of Bureacracy
Minto Marley
Raddciliff Boundry
Objevts of Revolution
British Hindu conspiracy
Lakhnow in Inflation
Water crisis
Source of energy
Status of women
Rural life and development
Ulmas of nadvah
Culture of pakistan
Govt of Pakistan
Govt of Pakistan
Pakistan and china
Games and sports
Lahore Resolution
simila Deputation
Effect of T.V
Urban life
Korakarm highway
Present Pak.Problem
Farraka Brrage
Early hardship of pak
Private sector 
National cohesion
Most Important topics of Pakistan Affairs

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